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Company Profile

Origin is a global leader in GPS fleet tracking applications. The company’s solutions offer real-time insight into vehicle activity that reduces operational costs and improves customer service for small and mid-sized companies. Origin now serves over 50 customers, has installed more than 500 vehicles worldwide, and is adding hundreds of vehicles monthly. Origin is among the largest commercial users of Google Maps. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile application gives businesses anytime access to real-time data about their business.

The company has come a long way since then and has grown from developing its own GPS solution to now providing a range of GPS solutions for its customers. The highly motivated team of engineers and sales people is on the job, 24/7 and we now aspire to set a new standard when it comes to customer satisfaction!

The company’s world headquarters are in Delhi. Origin was established in order to become a part of the global technological forefront and a key player in the GPS application development field. We wanted to allow any individual or corporation real-time access to its mobile or fixed assets anywhere, anytime for the purpose of obtaining vital and important information specific to each individual user. We already see our product being used globally in vehicles private and commercial users alike. The need for safety, security, information and efficiency is indeed a global necessity which has neither borders nor language barriers.